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Jim Brinkerhoff was the campus minister of the Auburn Christian Student Center for thirty years. He had attended Auburn University as a student, where he met his wife, Mary, and found his faith in Jesus. After two years of working as a campus minister at Rutgers University, Jim returned to Auburn in January 1984 to serve as the Director of the Auburn Christian Student Center and the Campus Minister for the Auburn Church of Christ.

He worked tirelessly for the kingdom, and led thousands of college students to know Christ more fully. He served the Kingdom of God tirelessly, living out his favorite scripture, "As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard."

He passed away unexpectedly in December 2013. His wife, Mary, still serves as the activities coordinator of our ministry. Jim is still sorely missed, but his legacy stays with us.

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Audio Recordings

We have over 200 recordings of Jim's sermons and Devos, along with his renowned class on the Holy Spirit. We are in the process of digitizing sermons recorded on tape cassettes, so check in periodically to find more recordings.


Subscribe to the JimBrink.org podcast to get one of Jim's lessons on your phone every week. We will be podcasting through series.


Jim's impact was mainly through his teaching, but he did write several articles that ACSC alumni still refer to. Here you can read some of those articles.

Jim Brinkerhoff
impacted my life...

Even more than his teaching, Jim's legacy is evident in the number of people he impacted. Here are some statements by people impacted by Jim.